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Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, introduces QuickSwitch® Model 6316 to its line-up of Fiber Optic Switches. The Model 6316 is a Single Channel LC Simplex A/B Switch that allows the sharing of a single port interface device among two other devices. This fiber switch adds flexibility to IT platforms and networks and is ideal for switching data to multiple displays, billboards and signs.

The Model 6316 features all fiber signals that are switched via break-before-make MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology and supports Gigabit data rates. The LC Simplex ports are comprised of Single mode, 9/125 micron fiber and support a wavelength of 1310 nm &1500 nm. The switch ports are transparent to all data with optical data throughput scalability.[Continue reading →]

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