Posted by Tom Whinfrey, IEE

Signal Processing Applications


The possibilities of display technologies in military applications; the software and networking that keeps it all together. “What is possible” in technology seems to start in the imaginations of screenwriters and science fiction stories, and then moves sooner or later into reality. We’ve all watched movies such as Elysium or Minority Report and have seen the transparent computer screens and video walls with information being moved and tossed by swipe touch gestures. As consumers, we become aware of the newest technologies as they relate to making our lives easier or increasing our level of entertainment satisfaction, such as 4K televisions, heads-up displays (HUD) in our cars, and gaming platforms such as Xbox Kinect air-gesture technology.

Sometimes the trickle-down effect starts in the highest levels of military operation, such as the HUD in military aircraft. However, sometimes technology advances first mature in either the industrial or retail markets, achieving technological cost efficiencies before making their way into military operations. [Continue reading →]

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