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Signal Processing Techniques



The Sumida ESMIT-4180/C Series Isolation Transformer is the latest entry into Sumida’s line of low-profile, surface mounted isolation transformers. It was developed to better respond to the demands of the embedded-circuit based products, including automotive battery monitoring, high-speed modems and other circuits. As an example, the ESMIT-4180/C is included in the reference design for the NXP Freescale MC33771 and MC33664 High Voltage Battery Cell Controller and Transformer Physical Layer. This comprises a high-voltage battery management system.

The Sumida ESMIT-4180/C offers AEC-Q200 certification and a very high, 3,750 volt RMS, one second isolation capability (equivalent to a full minute at 3,000 volts RMS). Other specifications are consistent with the signal and high voltage isolation needs of digital data devices. [Continue reading →]

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