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Washington, D.C.. STM Group, Inc. has announced today, at the Satellite 2012 tradeshow in Washington D.C., that it is now shipping its SatLink® family of VSATs and Hubs with support for the new DVB-RCS2 standard for general availability. STM is the first company in the industry to support the "RCS2" standard. In June of 2011, STM also lead the way with the first public demonstration of the major high-performance features in the new RCS2 standard, just a few months after approval by the DVB organization.

DVB-RCS2 provides for higher order modulation and coding along with many other elements contributing to much higher throughput, better bandwidth efficiency, and improved link availability relative to legacy VSAT systems. Modulation and coding from QPSK 1/3 up to 16QAM 5/6 is provided for TDMA burst mode carriers with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) controlled per burst for each VSAT. The other elements include a 16-state Turbo Code FEC and highly efficient Return Link Encapsulation (RLE) for IP packets imposing about 2% overhead.[Continue reading →]

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