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Signal Processing Applications

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Easily create custom device experiences using the Windows 10 IoT Core, an optimized Windows 10 platform for small and low-cost IoT devices, offering a targeted boot experience with no Microsoft or Windows branding, and a Single LoB App model. This optimized platform provides silicon choices: x86 or ARM; suitable to target devices with lower system requirements, and provides opportunities for targeting new device types.

The benefits of the Windows 10 IoT Core: -Scalable platform: UWP extended to small devices, UD driver model, lower cost silicon, lower barrier to entry -Device connectivity: Wireless connectivity (BLE, Wi-Fi, MBB), wired connectivity (Ethernet, USB), access to busses (GPIO, I2C, SPI), AllJoyn -Security: Windows grade security for small devices, support for Trusted Platform Module -Servicing: Bring latest technology updates to small class of devices -Manageability: Manage IoT devices like any other Windows device -Cloud Integration: Build in cloud connectivity, Azure IoT services[Continue reading →]

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