Posted by Ron Eisworth, Gateworks Corporation

Signal Processing Applications

White Paper

This white paper discusses the surprisingly complex hardware and software design considerations that engineers must take into account when designing M2M products. Specific topics include; environment (indoor, outdoor, cold, heat, rain, snow, wind), mechanical form factor (size, weight, enclosure), power source (AC, DC, solar, battery), network communications (cellular, Wi-Fi, 802.11abgn, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Ethernet), interface to sensors (RS232,RS422/RS485, Digital I/O, 1-wire Interface, USB, ZigBee, Bluetooth), and embedded computer board requirements (CPU type, processor speed, operating system, data storage).

This paper also covers how to get to market on time while still meeting system target cost. An example reference application for measuring/sensing power and temperature and transmitting the data to a remote server is shown using off-the-shelf hardware.[Continue reading →]

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