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Signal Processing Applications

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Developing in-vehicle embedded applications is a safety, security, and quality challenge. Given that cars and trucks are increasingly connected to each other and to the devices around them, it's becoming harder and harder to ensure that software is functional and free from risk. Development teams, especially the managers who are ultimately responsible, face incredible challenges when building such applications, and are learning that team members need to do more than just catch code defects during verification and validation testing. The new imperative: Identify and address security and compliance concerns earlier in the lifecycle, all while delivering innovative and differentiating features.

Security compliance, safety compliance, and defect reduction are huge goals, not only for meeting a product's technical requirements, costs, and deadlines, but also for keeping people safe. This has never been truer than with today's increasingly software-based cars and trucks, and with the increased threat profile due to radio-based interconnectivity and sophisticated in-vehicle apps. Lean how these embedded development solutions can help improve code quality, safety, and compliance throughout the development lifecycle, from architecture to coding, and testing to deployment. [Continue reading →]

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