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Signal Processing Applications


Nuremberg, Germany — Embedded World — February 23, 2016 — GrammaTech, a leading provider of software assurance, hardening, and cyber-security solutions, today announced expansion of CodeSonar’s static analysis engine to include binary analysis for ARM, the dominant processor of the Internet of Things (IoT). CodeSonar is the only commercially-available static analysis tool on the market to provide binary analysis, allowing engineering teams to analyze application software, middleware, and firmware.

Analyzing machine code has become extremely important in the expanding world of IoT, where deployed devices are subjected to countless cyber-attacks. Furthermore, according to VDC’s most recent report, in-house developed code now only accounts for 54% of a device’s software makeup. The remaining comes from commercial and open-source third parties riddled with risk, including software of uncertain provenance.[Continue reading →]

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