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Curtiss-Wright announces new VPX3-534 and VPX3-535 3U VPX 6GSPS Wideband Transceiver FPGA Cards ASHBURN, Va. – January 26, 2018 -- Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced its highest performance 3U OpenVPX™ FPGA-based transceiver cards, with 2x or greater performance compared to Curtiss-Wright's previous generation product (VPX3-530). Leveraging Curtiss-Wright’s industry leading expertise in ruggedization and thermal management, the new VPX3-535 features a user programmable Xilinx Virtex™ VU9 UltraScale+ FPGA to process dual 6Gsps 12b ADC/DAC channels on a single slot module solution with 6GHz bandwidth. Such performance supports wideband direct RF applications. The VPX3-535, Curtiss-Wright’s first publicly announced module to feature full compliance to the VITA 48.8 Air-Flow-Through (AFT) cooling standard, ensures optimal performance in the harshest conditions.

For today’s COTS 3U and 6U VPX modules that dissipate ~150W+, VITA 48.8 provides a low-cost, effective means to cool the latest generation of high power components. In addition, the VPX3-535 supports an option for VITA 67 backplane RF I/O, which eliminates the need to manage front panel cables.[Continue reading →]

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