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Signal Processing Applications


Plymouth Meeting, PA, July 31, 2012 – With new models of Android-based mobile handsets and tablets being introduced seemingly on a daily basis, the task of developing reliable, universal, model-independent Voice over IP (VoIP) applications (apps) lies somewhere between daunting and nearly impossible. Adaptive Digital Technologies’ (Adaptive Digital) VoIP Engine, equipped with a self-training acoustic canceller, is about to change that.

Developers of Android applications must consider the many models of devices both currently on the market as well as future product releases when designing their application in order for the app to work well on as many models as possible. In the case when VoIP functionality is part of the application, where voice quality and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) is of paramount importance, developing an app that works across multiple devices is much trickier. Manually fine tuning the app to each individual model is an unending exercise in futility, leaving you the developer with the task of predicting which devices will bring in the most revenue. [Continue reading →]

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